Training Manuals - Electronic

EASA Part-66 Training Manuals in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Total Training Support provide Training Manuals in Electronic versions in MSWord, to training organisations, for every EASA Part-66 module.

If you are a training organisation, and require a set of classroom Training Manuals that you can print for each of your students, these are the products for you.

For your instructors to write their own quality classroom Training Manuals for their subject, to the standard required for, say, Part-147 approval, requires between 3-months and 12-months of full-time work.  Now you can buy these off-the-shelf, in MSWord.  These are fully editable, allowing your instructors to add/delete/edit content as they feel is necessary to suit their individual teaching style and changes in Part-66 syllabus.

We supply the Training Manuals either by download link or posted to you by recorded delivery on a CD or DVD.  All chapters are a separate MSWord file, so you can assemble the hard copy prints to your requirements (with tabs, clip-bound etc.).  All Study Notes are customised with your logo and styling to your specifications.

We provide any Licence Category (A, B1, B2, B3) that you require, and we offer a choice of portrait or landscape (ATA104) formats.

The cost for the the Training Manuals (Electronic Versions) are a 1-off fee and include a limited copyright agreement. They can be reproduced to paper format or secure eBook format for your own staff and students, as many times and for as long as is required.

If you are a training organisation, and are looking for a set of Training Manuals for your EASA Part-66 (or worldwide equivelent) courses, for any, or all modules, please contact us with details of your organisation and your requirements, or give us a call for an informal chat to discuss.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Download Samples

You can download samples, just to see what they look like on your own computer. As a PDF, the sample is not editable, but if you buy the MSWord version, it is fully editable in any version of Microsoft Word.  The Landscape format complies with the ATA104 format for Training Course Notes in aircraft maintenance.  Although this is a mandatory style for Type Training, it is not mandatory for Basic Training.  However many training organisations prefer to use the ATA104 format for Basic Training as it prepares their students for the Type Training format of course notes. It is not so economic of use of paper, but the style format of text on upper (even numbered) pages, and related diagrams on the lower (odd numbered) pages is often preferred by instructors and students alike.

Remember that both the MSWord (editable) version and the PowerPoint can be customised with your own logo (instead of TTS logo) and with any footer and header text you want.

Sample Training Manual (Microsoft Word - editable)

Sample Training Manual (Microsoft PowerPoint - editable)


Secure eBooks

Total Training Support provide Training Manuals in downloadable Electronic versions in secure eBook to self studying individuals, and also to training organisations for use in the classroom for each classroom delegate, for every EASA Part-66 module.

The secure eBook files are delivered as a download file together with a code which is required to read the file the first time it is opened.

A special reader is required to be installed on the PC or Laptop.  This can be dowloaded for free.  There is a version for Mac as well as PC, and also for iPad and android devices. These are available free of charge from the respective App Store.

The Training Manuals in secure eBook format can be opened and read on any 2 devices (laptop or iPad for example). It is not possible to print the secure eReader or any page from the secure eBook. It is not possible to copy and share the secure eBook. It is not possible to transfer the file to another device. The subscription durations are uninterruptable, commence from the date of first access and are readable to the expiry date of the subscription.

The first time the secure eBook is opened, an internet connection is required in order to verify that you are the owner of the file.  On subsequent access to your file, you will not need an internet connection to read the file.

The secure eBook expires after 6 or 12 months (depending on which subscription option you choose at checkout).  After this, it is not possible to open the file to read.

Discounts are available to Training Organisations who want to buy multiple copies of a Module, for use in the classroom, to be used as the Training Manuals for courses, where the class delegates use iPad or other tablet devices as their course notes reader.

For Training Organisations, customised versions of the Training Manuals (own logo etc.) are available in this format. Please Contact Us for details and prices.

Sample Training Manual (eBook)