Instructors - Part-66 Modules

Total Training Support have been delivering EASA Part-66 Module courses since the inception of EASA.  We have considerable expertise in the subjects, and our instructors are experienced and qualified both in their subject specialism, and in the techniques and skills of training delivery.

We provide a low overhead solution for your Part-66 modular training.  Our instructors arrive with all necessary equipment for course delivery, including, where necessary, a set of Study Notes for your delegates.  All you need to supply is a suitably sized room, with tables and chairs, and of course, the delegates.

If you are a training organisation, or a maintenance organisation looking to provide some courses for your hangar and/or workshop employees to help them on their route to EASA Licence status, please contact us with details of which Module(s) you are looking for, and approximate time scales, and we will quote price and availability.

The following is an approximate guide to the prices per module. The course durations assume some practical experience and a knowledge level of a pass in Maths and Physics GCSE or equivalent, plus fluency in English language.  Adjustments to course durations may need to be made where necessary.


Title Suggested
1 Mathematics 5 days £1,950
2 Physics 7 days £2,730
3 Electrical Fundamentals 7 days £2,730
4 Electronic Fundamentals 5 days £1,950
5 Digital Electronics 7 days £2,730
6 Materials and Hardware 5 days £1,950
7 Maintenance Practices 10 days £3,900
8 Aerodynamics 4 days £1,560
9 Human Factors 4 days £1,560
10 Aircraft Regulations 7 days £2,730
11A Turbine Engine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems 33 days £12,870
11B Piston Engine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems 25 days £9,750
12 Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems 33 days £12,870
13 Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems 54 days £21,060
14 Propulsion 5 days £1,950
15 Turbine Engine 10 days £3,900
16 Piston Engine 10 days £3,900
17 Propeller 4 days £1,560
Essay   4 days £1,560



6 teaching hours per day (not including lunch/breaks). Days do not need to be consecutive, but can be 1-day per week, for example.

Costs above are for class sizes up to and including 10 delegates.  10% additional fee is payable for each delegate in excess of 10.

A 30% additional fee is payable if the class delegates are apprentices or if more than 1/2 the delegate number are under the age of 21.

All prices exclude VAT (where applicable).

All Study Notes and presentations and worksheets are provided by Total Training Support Ltd.

Prices do not include instructor expenses such as printing costs, travel, food and accommodation.



For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section.