Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions, please click on a question to reveal the answer, if you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.

Study Notes (Hard Copy Format)

How do I order a set of Study notes?

To order a paper copy (hard copy) of any of the study notes, just select the category from the menu on the right of the page, then click the Module image for the module you want to buy, and you will see a preview of the contents, and Add to Cart button.

Click the Buy Now button and it puts your order into the Shopping Cart.  You can click another Module and add that to your shopping cart too.  When you are done selecting modules, just click View Cart and follow the on-screen instructions to checkout and pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

All the books have an optio of Regular or Durable Build, and some modules have other options such as Licence Category. You need to select your choice from the options dropdown lists prior to cklicking Add to Cart button.

If I order all Modules at one time, do I get a discount?

Please go to the Category Study Notes - Bundles where you can buy bundles of Modules 1-10, 11,15,17 and 13,14, and 1-17 (all modules). These are already discounted.

There is also a combined Modules 6&7, which saves cost by amalgamating similar chapters.

Additionally, a reduced rate of shipping fee is applied (some may be FREE shipping to UK destinations).

How do I order a different build option (budget or durable build)?

Two build options are available when you place an order:

  • Regular: Card covers / Card Chapter Tabs / 90gm/sm paper
  • Durable: Laminated covers / Mylar Chapter Tabs / 100gm/sm paper

The Regular option is the most popular and is available at the price shown in the shop catalogue.  The Durable option is intended for college libraries etc.  when the document is expected to be re-used over a period of time. The Durable option has an addition fee to cover the cost of more expensive materials and processing. There is also an additional 24 hours required for delivery.

Select the option you want from the dropdown list above the Add to Cart button. If you do not select anything, you will receive Regular build by default.

There are many other build options available, such as clip bound in presentation binders, hard back etc. These options are available to organisations who are buying multiple copies for their students.  Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

How do I order the Study Aid that is associated with the Study Notes?

Please go to to the website and register an account there (if not done so already).

You then need to subscribe to the associated module for the duration (1, 2 or 3 months) that you think it will take to study the Module.

You can add Tutorial Support if you want to use the additional study information links and the Tutorial Support forums (where you can ask a question abouty the Module subject). You do not need to add Study Notes, as the online Study Notes are the same as the hard copies that you have purchased. However, you may prefer to use the online version as well, since they are in full colour, and some people prefer the convenience of reading the online study notes on the same screen as the practice questions.

I do not live in the UK.  Do you send the Study Notes to other countries?

Yes, we ship then anywhere in the World via FedEx.  Please see the Shipping Rates.

We are a training organisation. How can we order a set of Study Notes for each of our classroom students?

Yes, no problem. Considerable discounts are available when you buy 10 or more of any Module.

Please contact us with details of your organisation, and what products you would like to purchase and we will provide a good price for your order, and a reduced shipping rate also. 

We can provide a proforma invoice with bank transfer details, or a link to pay on-line by credit or debit card.

How fast is the delivery of the Study Notes?

The Study Notes are printed on demand.

This means that as soon as you make your payment, the order to print is sent to the publisher.  They then dispatch the Study Notes by FedEx.

Printing takes 3-4 days (add an extra day if you purchase Durable Build).

Shipping time (FedEx) depends on whether the destination is UK, EU or Worldwide.

Normally, UK shipping is next day. EU shipping takes 2 days, and Worldwide (i.e. none UK/EU) takes 3-4 days.

When we confirm your order, we will email you to tell you what date/day your Study Notes will arrive. Someone will need to be at the destination home/office to signn for the receipt of the parcel(s).

As soon as they are shipped, we can provide the FedEx tracking number (and tracking website) on request.

Do you sell the Study Notes in paper copy, with our own Logo and Styling?

Please contact us with details of your organisation.  We will need an electronic copy (jpg or similar) of you organisation's log, and any preface you want to go into your Study Notes.  We will prepare your documents with your logo and styling and send you a demo copy for approval.

There is a nominal 1-off charge for this, per module, but this charge is NOT applied on any subsequent order of the same Module.

We will then send you copies as you purchase them.  Your customised masters will be kept on file and we can print and deliver, anywhere Worldwide, on a 10 day delivery basis.

Can I get a different build for the Study Notes? Perhaps hard-back or clip binder/presentation binder?

If you would like a different build type (other than the Regular and Durable options that we already have as standard), please contact us with details of the document build you would prefer and we will see if this is possible, and we will quote you for any additional costs of your build option.

Examples of other build options/varyations:

  • Presentation 4-ring binder folders (with a cover sheet inserted in front of folder)
  • Hard Back binding
  • No binding (we supply only the pages - 4-hole or 2-hole punched.  You supply the folders.  This saves you shipping expenses).
  • Different paper qualities (80/90/100 gm/sm)
  • Different Chapter dividers (card/mylar/none)

Can I get the Study Notes emailed to me in PDF?

Sorry, PDF format is not an option.

Can I have the Study Notes posted via BFPO?

Yes, we have a workaround for this:

The workaround is this; when you place the order, put in the shipping address all the following details:

Service No Rank Name
Operation Name

Put the country as United Kingdom.  The books are posted (by FedEx) directly from the publisher, so it will charge UK postage as it will be delivered to our office and we will then pass it to the Post Office for the usual BFPO routing.

Can I order part modules? i.e. if I am studying for a conversion licence and I need to study only certain Module subsections, can books be made-up specially for my requirements?

Yes this can be done, but there is a charge for the additional time required to construct the special order.  Please email us the list of subsections you need and we will quote you for the special build. We will also provide a special payment link for your order.

endfaq Study Aid

What do I get in the Study Aid?

  • EASA Part-66 style multiple choice and essay questions and answers.  Highly configurable and presented by Part-66 Module and sub-section.
  • Tutor Support option
  • On-line Study Notes option

Who is the Study Aid intended for?

  • Individuals who are studying for their EASA Part-66 exams anywhere in Europe, whether self studying, or are studying as part of a structured and formal series of classroom courses.  Also useful for those studying in other countries which have adopted a similar licensing legislative structure to the EASA model.
  • Companies and training organisations who have apprentices or trainees and who wish to support those apprentices and trainees in their efforts to pass the exams.

What membership options do I get with

  • A modules-by-module, monthly subscription.  i.e. you can enrol for one or more modules, for 1- 2- or 3-month periods.  When you enrol for 2- or 3- month periods, the 2nd and 3rd month is half price.
  • A 1-year "keyaccount" membership which permits either 1 module or 2 modules to be open at any one time.  The module(s) can be changed as you work through them and pass each one and move to the next module study.
  • A 2-year "platinum flexible" membership which is similar to the keyaccount but with the additional benefit in that it can be suspended at any time if there is any extended period that you know you will be unable to study (such as due to an overseas posting for example).
  • A "Site Licence" designed for companies and training organisations to make the training aid available company wide, via their intranet system.

Where do I find out more about

Go to



What is the difference between the QBgenerator and

Where is intended for individuals who are studying to pass their EASA Part-66 exams, the QBgenerator is a standalone programme, loaded onto the client's computer, which is used to generate paper exams in accordance with the EASA Part66 rules.

As such, the QBgenerator is intended for organisations who have, or who are applying for, EASA Part-147 approval, or any organisations that wishes to set exams for their student's, in accordance with the EASA part-66 syllabus.

The QBgenerator software programme is available either with or without the questions pre-loaded.

If I buy and install the QBgenerator, will I get any after-sales support?

6-months of aftersales support is provided free of charge.  This includes bug fixes and any minor modifications that you may request.

Bug fixes will be sorted out for the life of the products.  After the 6-months has expired, and required modifications are possible at a quoted rate.

Can I try a demo of the QBgenerator?

There is an on-line demo.  Please contact us, providing details of your training organisation, and we will provide the login credentials.

Does QBgenerator come with multiple-choice questions already loaded?

This is your choice.  If you already have your own questions, we can load them for you, or show you how to load them quickly.

Or we can supply already loaded with up to 22,000 questions at an additional cost.

Question Packs can be tailored to your rquirements.  For example, you can have just enough questions loaded per module, to be able to generate 2 different exams (to EASA Part-66 standard requirements).

See for details and prices of other Question Packs.

Can I edit the multiple choice questions in the QBgenerator, and/or add more questions to it?

Yes, this is a central feature of QBgenerator.  All questions are editable.  You can add and delete questions and move/copy them to different Part-66 Modules and sub-sections.


Classroom Training

Where do you do the classroom training?

Usually we come to you, to deliver courses on your own premises. 

However, we can provide a suitable classroom at our location in Milton Keynes.  We can also provide hotel accommodation nearby.  Please contact us for details.

How can my organisation hire an instructor?

Please contact us with details of the course you want us to deliver, and the approximate dates, and we will return with a price and availability.

Do you supply your own training materials such as Study Notes?

Yes we supply everything.  All you need to supply is a suitably sized room.

However, if you already have a set of Course Notes that you would prefer we work with (perhaps because they are integral to your Part-147 approval), then we can work with that also. You will need to let us have a PDF copy of the Course Notes so we can develop PowerPoint presenntations from it.

Do you send instructors overseas to deliver courses?

Yes we do.

The cost of travel and accommodation will be factored into our quotation.  Since we tend to supply services to airline companies, you may be in a position to provide the travel arrangements.  Please let us know if this is the case.

What equipment does your instructor need to deliver a course?

You just need to supply a room, big enough to accommodate the number of students you have, with tables and chairs.

We supply everything else (Study Notes, presentations, computer, projection equipment etc.)

Can you train our instructors to deliver the Courses in the future?

Yes, we can do this, either as a dedicated "train-the-trainer" course, or your own instructor(s) can sit in on the first course we deliver to your students/apprentices.

What language do you deliver classroom training in?

English only.


Study Notes (Electronic Format)

Who can buy the Study Notes in electronic format?

Any training organisation which provides aircraft maintenance training to the EASA Part-66 (or similar) syllabus.

What format are the Study Notes?

Microsoft Word. Either portrait or landscape (ATA 104) formats.

Are PowerPoint presentations also available?

Yes, the PowerPoint presentations are identical page-by-page and slide-by-slide as the MSWord documents (landscape).  They can be edited and modified by your instructors to suit their particular delivery methods..

Can we edit the Study Notes after we buy them?

Yes, your instructors can add/delete/modify any of the content as they require.

Do the Study Notes and PowerPoint presentations have our own logo and styling?

Yes, we apply your own logo instead of the TTS logo. We can also incorporate any other styling (such asyour design of page header/footer and preface) that you require. Just send us a template and we will work with it.

Can we print the Study Notes for our students, or distribute electronic copies to our students?

Yes, you can make as many paper hard copy prints as you require, providing they are distributed to your own students, and not resold or distributed to third parties who are not enrolled on any course within your training organisation.

You can also distribute electronic copies (such as PDF) providing they are secure (i.e. loaded onto a secure tablet device) and cannot be downloaed or otherwise copied and redistributed outside of your organisation.

Can I get sample (inspection) copies of the Study Notes so we can review them before we buy the Electronic Versions?

We strongly recommend you inspect the products before you buy the electronic version, to be sure that they are suitable for your own requirements.

We are not able to send free copies, as the printing and shipping is expensive. However we offer a discounted Bundle product, which contains every Module. Please see the Study Notes - Bundles section in the Bookshop.

Alternatively we can give you free guest access to our online viewer for inspection purposes. Please contact us to request access.

How do I get a price list for the Study Notes in electronic format?

Please contact us, providing details of your organisation. We will be happy to provide a current price list of the MSWord and PowerPoint files broken down by Module.