Our quality control process for Secure multiple choice questions

In formulating our multiple choice questions, we use the EASA Methodology for setting up questions as a guide.

Total Training Support Ltd certifies that the Secure questions are, at the time of delivery, not found in the public domain. We take every precaution possible to ensure that they reamain that way.  To help keep the questions secure, all buyers of the Secure questions are required to sign a Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement.

Each question, after being written, is checked by our subject specialist and language specialist, for each of the following criteria:

  • Relevance to Part-66 syllabus
  • Conformity with Part-66 Level and Category
  • Content and justification of false answers
  • Conformity with Part-66 formal question standard
  • Conformity with Part-66 wording question standard
  • Simplicity and correctness of the English language

Although we provide assurance of the above at time of delivery, it remains the responsibility of the Part-147 organisation to satisfy the Competent Authority that each question is fit for the purpose of Part-147 examinations and that they remain in compliance with Part-147 / 66 and the associated syllabus. As aviation technology changes, and/or the EASA Part-66 syllabus changes, the Part-147 organisation is responsible for amending the questions or removing obsolete questions from their database as required. No amendment service is provided by Total Training Support Ltd.

Anatomy of the multiple choice questions

A multiple-choice question consists of two basic parts:

  • The question text, which can be just a question or a problem (situation/scenario). The problem may be in the form of either a direct question or an incomplete statement.
  • The list of answers. It has one true answer and two incorrect answers.

Each question, constructed as above, is delivered with the following information:

  • the correct answer (A, B or C);
  • the Level (1, 2 or 3);
  • Reference to learning objective (from Part-66 syllabus);
  • Reference to module and Part-66 syllabus paragraph / subparagraph.


Management of questions in the QBgenerator question manager software

Although we can deliver questions in any format you require (e.g. MSWord / MSXLS / txt file format etc.) we recommend the use of a dedicated multiple choice question management software.  In the QBgenerator software, for example, the following parameters (in addition to the above) can be recorded and recalled:

  • Question author
  • Question origination date
  • Verifyer and date of verification
  • Details of any modifications, along with date and author of the modification, and details of verifyer and date of verification of the modification
  • Complete history (as above) of the question on one page
  • Number of times the question has been used in exam generations, and the success rate (Facility Index percentage)