Module 2 - Physics (eBook)

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The workbooks are designed to enhance your learning experience. A set of open-ended questions taken from the Training Manual (page references provided) require you to read the relevant text and answer the questions. The answers can be found in the Manuals. This student centered activity makes studying more interesting and reinforces learning.

Note: Page references apply to Landscape format Training Manuals only. You can check your answers by registering at for the respective module, with Study Notes included. The Workbooks are provided there with the answers filled in for you to check your own answers.

Workbooks are available in eForm PDF (eBook). The eBook has text fields for the answers which allow you to type in the answers to the questions on your laptop, desktop or tablet computer, then save the file with your answers. You can, at any time, re-open the workbook and continue from where you left off.


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