PowerPoint Presentations

Total Training Support provide your training organisation with PowerPoint presentations for each of the EASA Part-66 Modules, whenever you purchase the associated Study Notes in MSWord electronic versions.

The PowerPoint presentations consist of all the same content as the Study Notes an a page-by-page, slide-by-slide basis. 

They are intended as a simple "start-point" for your instructors to enable them to develop a full presentation based upon their particular content and teaching styles.

The PowerPoint presentations are fully editable.  Your instructors can add/delete/edit and merge slides, and add videos and animations as they feel necessary.

The powerpoint presentations are also available to training organisation who are buying the Study Notes in hard copy version for their classroom students (minimum quantity 10 per module).



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Download Samples

You can download a PDF version of Module 17.1, just to see what they look like on your own computer. As a PDF, the sample is not editable, but if you buy the MSWord version, it is fully editable in any version of Microsoft Word.  There are two options - Portrait, or Landscape. The Landscape version complies with the ATA104 format for Training Course Notes in aircraft maintenance.  Although this is a mandatory style for Type Training, it is not mandatory for Basic Training.  However many training organisations prefer to use the ATA104 format for Basic Training as it prepares their students for the Type Training format of course notes. It is not so economic of use of paper, but the style format of text on upper (even numbered) pages, and related diagrams on the lower (odd numbered) pages is often preferred by instructors and students alike.

Remember that both the MSWord (editable) version and the PowerPoint can be customised with your own logo (instead of TTS logo) and with any footer and header text you want.

Sample Study Notes (Portrait)

Sample Study Notes (Landscape - ATA104)

Sample PowerPoint

The PowerPoint format conforms to the Landscape style of the Study Notes.  This is because of the landscape orientation of the PowerPoint when projected on a screen.  The PowerPoint files contain all the same text and diagrams/images as the MSWord version, and are fully editable and customisable.